Williams Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps Stainless Steel, 16.5 cm - 6 1/2
Ref#: JI- SI-050-16
Williams Intestinal and Tissue
Magill Catheter Introducing Forcep For Adults Stainless Steel, 25 cm - 9 3/4
Ref#: JI-AN-010-25
Magill Catheter Introducing Fo
Culler Iris Spatula Stainless Steel, 13 cm - 5
Ref#: JI-OP-630-02
Culler Iris Spatula Stainless
 DeBakey Atrauma Forcep Ultra Light Pattern Stainless Steel, 20 cm - 8
Ref#: JI-FR-582-20
DeBakey Atrauma Forcep Ultra
 Rochester-Pean Haemostatic Forcep Straight Stainless Steel, 22.5 cm - 8 3/4
Ref#: JI-AF-220-24
Rochester-Pean Haemostatic Fo
Sterile Container 1/2 Bio-Barrier Safe Model Blue Perforated Lid and Bottom Stainless Steel - Aluminium, Size 285 x 280 x 305 mm
Ref#: JI-ST-578-04
Sterile Container 1/2 Bio-Barr
 Brophy Dissecting Forceps 1 x 2 Teeth Stainless Steel, 20 cm - 8
Ref#: JI-FR-300-20
Brophy Dissecting Forceps 1 x
 Yasargil Micro Forceps Bayonet Shaped Stainless Steel, 16 cm - 6 1/4
Ref#: JI- FR-413-16
Yasargil Micro Forceps Bayone
 Sterile Container 1/1 Bio-Barrier Safe Model Black Perforated Lid and Bottom Stainless Steel - Aluminium, Size 580 x 280 x 245 mm
Ref#: JI-ST-376-06
Sterile Container 1/1 Bio-Bar

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