Escaf Nucleus Divider Wedge Shaped Stainless Steel, 12 cm - 4 3/4
Ref#: JI-OP-673-12
Escaf Nucleus Divider Wedge Sh
Farrior Ear Speculum Fig. 4 - Black Stainless Steel, 3.6 cm / 1 1/2
Ref#: JI-OT-052-04
Farrior Ear Speculum Fig. 4 -
 Adson Self Retaining Retractor 6 x 6 Blunt Prongs Stainless Steel, 29 cm - 11 1/2
Ref#: JI-RT-703-26
Adson Self Retaining Retracto
Thin Williams Explorer/Measuring Probe Fig. 17/OW Stainless Steel, Standard
Ref#: JI-DD-107-01
Thin Williams Explorer/Measuri
Mini-Townsend Biopsy Forcep Complete Detachable Handle Stainless Steel, 25.5 cm - 10
Ref#: JI-GY-887-25
Mini-Townsend Biopsy Forcep Co
Bone Lever Stainless Steel, 22 cm - 8 3/4
Ref#: JI- OR-731-22
Bone Lever Stainless Steel, 22
 Slender Pattern Dressing Forcep Curved Stainless Steel, 14 cm - 5 1/2
Ref#: JI-FR-013-14
Slender Pattern Dressing Forc
Sterile Container Mini-Implant Model Blue Non-Perforated Lid and Bottom Stainless Steel - Aluminium, Size 160 x 70 x 60 mm
Ref#: JI-ST-850-04
Sterile Container Mini-Implant
Sterile Container 3/4 Bio-Barrier Model Green Perforated Lid and Bottom Stainless Steel - Aluminium, Size 465 x 280 x 160 mm
Ref#: JI-ST-452-03
Sterile Container 3/4 Bio-Barr

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